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Blinker Fluid Is Not A Thing No Matter What Google Tells You

If you have been using Google for a while, you might recall a time you could search and find the information you need. It would be accurate information from real people. Many of these people would even be professionals in their field.

You could feel safe knowing you are getting accurate information to various questions in all different areas. In recent weeks, there has been an overwhelming change in how Google search works. It is terrifying if you have not seen it yet.

Google AI is the latest multi-billion dollar system to be released publicly, and the response to it has been underwhelming, to put it lightly. No one seems to like it, results are poor, and content creators accuse the brand of theft.

In a recent Twitter thread from @DaltonEverett_ we can see just how scary these results are for car owners. He did a search for “blinker not making sound,” the result told him to replace the blinker fluid. 

We tested the search term and got the same result.

google ai screenshot blinker fluid

Instead of delivering a truly helpful answer – it gives us a sarcastic result from a forum.

While many of us might realize blinker fluid is not a thing, imagine the poor person who does not. They will attempt to find the blinker fluid container and wind up frustrated. They will type in additional search queries to see if they can get help finding the container. They might even open their car manual – which is a clear sign of desperation.

This may seem like a silly issue, but think about the possibilities of someone putting a fluid in the wrong container – all because Google told them to. This could result in a major car issue or harm to people!

This is the new Google.

A new search engine that is based on AI content that cannot decipher the difference between sarcasm and truth.

This is just one example of many searches people have done that are providing poor results. Not just poor results, but harmful results that we are confident will cause damage in the future.

Car gurus have the advantage here since they can catch wrong information a mile away. But it has never been a better time to consider using a new search engine.

You can also stick to your favorite sources and websites for the content you are looking for.

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