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Weird Car Accessories People Actually Use

There was a time when people thought hanging dice and the dashboard hula dancers were weird. But today, car enthusiasts have many more strange accessories to choose from. Strap in and get ready to discover the most peculiar car accessories that will have you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” We are not advocating for any of these products, we just found them unique – and interesting!

Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance

wild willy fuel fragrance scents
Wild Willy
Wild Willy offers a fuel fragrance you can pour directly into your fuel to hide fuel odors. It can be used in 2 and 4 stroke fuels as well as most gasolines. It is safe to use in most engine types as well. From Apple Pie to Fireball, adding just a bit of this clear fragrance to your fuel will have you giving off exhaust fumes that will make people hungry for more.

The Bumper Dumper

bumper dumper on back of truck
It happens to the best of us. We are traveling on the wide open roads when, gasp, there is not a restroom in sight—just tumbleweeds and land as far as the eye can see. That is why someone created a portable car tire toilet called the Bumper Dumper. This innovative creation lets you mount a hitch to your car or truck, allowing you to use a toilet seat and bucket wherever you go.

Crochet Plant For Rearview Mirror

crocheted plant for rearview mirror
Hammonie / Etsy
This is a perfect gift for the plant lover in your life. Hammonie, an Etsy brand, has a full collection of plants for the rearview mirror and even vent clips. From cacti to butterflies, there are so many creative options.

Car Sticker Equalizer

car sticker equalizer
This equalizer is not just a sticker. It is an interactive display of lights that will entertain those around you. The lights respond to the sounds of your car, making for a creative light show.
girls on car with flamethrower exhaust
Hot Licks Exhaust
If making your car exhaust smell better with Wild Willy is not enough, you can up the game with flames. Hot Licks Exhaust sells exhaust kits that turn your vehicle into a flamethrower. Depending on the engine size, you can expect a 12-24 inch afterburner flame. But there are options to make them even bigger.

Rear Car Laser

car laser on back of car
We see the value of this product but have never actually seen one in use on the road. The rear car laser is meant to be a safety feature. Install it on the back of your car, and during rain or tough visibility situations you can engage the light. This laser will help improve the ability of people behind you to see you. Some lights are plain lasers, others have more creative looks with designs and patterns.

Saucemoto Dip Clip

saucemoto dip clip
Because trying to dip that chicken nugget while driving is a herculean task, we have the Saucemoto Dip Clip. This universal-mount dipping wonder will hold a traditional dipping cup size and let you dip without the mess.

Artificial Grass Floor Mats

fake grass floor mats
These floormats are just for those who love the great outdoors. Thick, lush Astroturf can make you feel like you’re walking in the park while you’re stuck in traffic on the highway.

Katana Gear Shift

katana gear shifter in a car
Wyverns Hoard
A Samurai Katana Hilt, gear shift accent, is the perfect way to show you are a warrior. Wyverns Hoard offers a collection of designs and colors for the Samurai in your life.

Bluetooth Audio Cassette Adapter

car cassette bluetooth adapter
Do you have an older car with a cassette player? Want to use Bluetooth to hear some music? This adapter will make that happen. It’s perfect for vintage car collectors who want to stay connected.

Crocheted Car Seat

crocheted car accessories
Linana Home / Etsy
If you miss grandma, this is a great way to get all the grandma vibes. We were surprised to see this was a thing, but here we are proving it is. I can only imagine how many people get stuck in these! But if this is your style, check out Etsy where you can find patterns or ready made crocheted goodies for your car. This creative set comes from Linana Home on Etsy.

Car Features Our Kids Will Never Enjoy

1967 amc ambassador bench seats
CZmarlin / Wikipedia
The cars we enjoyed are completely different than what our kids are experiencing. From t-tops to a vinyl roof, it is a little sad to know they will never get to enjoy the cars of our youth. View the obsolete car features

Museums on the East Coast That Are A Must See

car event at larz anderson museum
Larz Anderson Auto Museum
If you love any kind of transportation, these museums make for a great East Coast road trip. Whether you are into trolleys or trains – there is something for the whole family. View the East Coast transportation museums

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