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The Most Dangerous Drivers Drive These 10 Car Brands

Have you ever driven down the road and judged a driver based on the car they drive? We are betting you have; most of us do. There are no perfect drivers, but some are worse than others. 

A study from Lending Tree proves it. 

They analyzed tens of millions of insurance quotes from November 14, 2022, to November 22, 2023. The study examined over 30 car brands with the highest quote requests and assessed various driving incidents. 

For the study, driving incidents are considered:

  • Accidents
  • DUIs
  • Speeding
  • Citations

1. Ram

dodge ram in black on street

With 32.90 incidents per 1,000 drivers, Ram tops the list of worst drivers. Ram led the incident rate in Massachusetts with 64.44 incidents per 1,000 drivers. Ram drivers also rated the second-worst for accidents and DUIs.

2. Tesla

white tesla model3

Tesla is second on the list, with 31.13 incidents per 1,000 drivers. It may be the use of the autopilot that contributes to the rate, but either way, coming in at number two is not a great selling point.

3. Subaru

subaru wrx sti car on road

Some Subaru models can be real speed demons. With 30.09 incidents per 1,000 drivers, it winds up being a more surprising addition to the list. But racing enthusiasts often take a WRX and give it all the racing mods, which could negatively affect the brand.

4. Volkswagen

volkswagen passat

Volkswagen drivers are ranked fourth, with 27.92 incidents per 1,000 drivers. The numbers are much higher in some states, like Alaska and Idaho.

5. Mazda

red mazda6

The Mazda has a 27.74 incident rate per 1,000 drivers. They also come with the fourth-highest accident rate of all brands.

6. BMW

silver bmw m3

BMW, often the butt of jokes about their drivers, has 26.82 incidents per 1,000 drivers. They took a lead in the ranks for the number of DUI rates, which came in at 3.13 per 1,000 – only second to the RAM.

7. Lexus

champagne ls lexus

With 26.73 incidents per 1,000 drivers, Lexus comes in at seven on the list of worst drivers. Luxury cars only sometimes bring safe drivers, as proven by the several luxury brands that make it to the list. North Dakota shows Lexus drivers as the worst, with 48.58 incidents per 1,000 drivers.

8. Infiniti

burgundy infiniti jx35

Infiniti drivers in Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Vermont seem to be the biggest offenders. These luxury car drivers have 26.72 incidents per 1,000 drivers.

9. Hyundai

2021 blue hyundai tucson

Hyundai is a popular brand that has grown over the last few years. With 25.47 incidents per 1,000 drivers, it is number nine on the worst drivers list.

10. Toyota

blue 2019 toyota corolla

Toyota has a reputation for being a brand that will last. But, their drivers come in at number ten on the list with 25.13 incidents per 1,000 drivers. They also have the eighth-highest accident rate and fourteenth-highest DUI rate.

The Safest Drivers

white mercury sable 1997

So now you know the worst drivers, but who are the best?

Mercury takes the top spot for best drivers with just 15.82 incidents per 1,000 drivers. It is closely followed by Pontiac and Saturn coming in with 16.24 and 16. 84 incidents per 1,000. No, these cars are no longer in production, but could the safe driving be why they are still on the road looking for insurance?

These brands are typically associate with an older driver, who will typically be more cautious on the road than younger drivers.


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