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Rev Up Your Condiment Game With Heinz’s Ketchup Insurance

We have all done it. One minute you are enjoying a hot dog at a race or a burger at the car show, the next – you are wearing more than you ate.

Heinz understands the problem well releasing data that shows 48% of their customers face accidents like this regularly. Nope, you are not alone. Feel free to ditch all those red shirts now!

Heinz has the answer, the world’s first ever ketchup insurance policy.

The insurance plan will cover 57 different types of ketchup claims. This includes everything from stains on clothing to the ceiling. An app allows consumers to request compensation through a range of rewards like laundry assistance, house cleans and more.

Each of the 57 claim options are pretty funny too. A few examples on the site include:

  • #44 Pushing Buttons – The claiming accidentally applies ketchup to a nearby television remote, adding more drama than necessary.
  • #50 Bloody Mary – The claimant somehow squirts the ketchup into a nearby beverage, immediately affecting its flavor, either in a good or bad way.
  • #20 Murphy’s Law – the claimant’s ketchup spill beats all the odds, and lands on the only white section of the affected object.

Head of marketing at Kraft Heinz MEA, Passant El Ghannam, stated: “Here at Heinz, we know our fans’ love for our ketchup can sometimes be, well, a bit over the top. Our research tells us that 48% of them have ketchup accidents all the time, but 91% swear their love for Heinz makes it totally worth it. That’s why we’re rolling out ketchup insurance – to turn messy moments into pure joy and convenience for our die-hard fans, letting them enjoy their ketchup incidents worry-free.”

It is a pretty great marketing play, but also shows that Heinz understands the problems its customers face.

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