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No One Loves A Jeep More Than This Guy

Having a Jeep is like being in the cool club. As a former Jeep owner, I get the thrill of off-roading, taking that top off, and driving along the Jersey shore. The “Jeep Wave” was always a welcome gesture on random road trips and made me feel I was part of something special.

I loved my yellow 1992 Jeep Wrangle with its tan top and the Grateful Dead bears lining the sides.

But I clearly did not love my Jeep as much as this guy does.

Eric Younger owns a 4×4 specialty shop called D and C Extreme Industries in Colorado. He decided to create the bar using some scavenged Jeep parts around his shop, meaning no real Jeeps were harmed.

back end of jeep cj5 bar in kitchen
D and C Extreme Industries / Facebook

Younger used a broken CJ5 frame and a fiberglass body kit he had sitting around.

The only new parts used were the tires and wheels.

The CJ-5 Jeep bar is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It is a perfect addition to any man cave or basement entertaining area.

The partial Jeep sits atop real rocks that encase pots and plants.

All the lights on the Jeep are actual working lights. The roll bar on the top of the Jeep brings the Jeep and the kitchen elements together beautifully.

interior jeep cj5 bar dashboard
D and C Extreme Industries / Facebook

The butcher block serving area features vintage Jeep emblems. Ten coats of varnish create a glass-like finish that protects the emblems from spills.

wooden butcher block serving area cj5 bar
D and C Extreme Industries / Facebook

The project took seven years to complete. During the creation process, there were many challenges. One big one was the inability to grind or cut indoors. Younger would need to bring the pieces in, assess what was needed, and take them back to the shop to be cut or welded.

He said he would be interested in doing these for customers if the check was big enough. However, the labor cost would be high due to the above mentioned reasons.

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