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F1 Owner Liberty Media Announces Purchase of MotoGP for $4.5 Billion

Motorsports is having a day with the announcement that MotoGP is being purchased for $4.5 billion. The buyout will have Liberty Media owning an 86% share while Dorna, MotoGP’s parent company, retaining 14%.

The deal is not expected to be completed until the end of the year and has to clear anti-trust review. If the deal clears, MotoGP will continue to be managed by Dorna.

Previously, F1 and MotoGP could not be owned by the same company because of EU laws. But with F1 based in the UK and the UK no longer a member of the European Union it could open a new door for the ownership.

Dorna Sports, headed up by Carmelo Ezpeleta, has owned MotoGP since 1992. The staff is mainly Spanish and Italians and the group is well-liked given the success they have had making motorcycling a global sport.

Some are questioning whether the European style will mesh with the management style of Liberty Media.

Liberty Media previously bought Formula 1 back in 2017. They purchased the series for $301 million and today it is valued at $18.22 billion. This increase in value is in part due to television deals, their Drive To Survive show and their efforts to use social media with the drivers.

Now, they hope to do the same for motosports.

MotoGP is the ultimate two wheel race that features 22 of the best riders competing on racetracks around the world. Racers can reach speeds of approximately 223 miles per hour.

First launched in 1949, the sport has grown to include 20 Grand Prixs that reach hundreds of millions of fans around the world.

There is a lot of talk around the purchase and while many are seeing the positive, there are quite a few worried about the over-commercialization.

Redditors took to the MotoGP subReddit to voice their thoughts.

“No matter what people here say they have done a Damm good job promoting f1 and they are capable of growing MotoGP with more sales and investment. I’m very excited”

“Hope Liberty won’t block a potential BMW/MV Augusta/Kawasaki entry or a Suzuki return considering they’re already pretty much blocking new teams from joining in F1.”

“Hoping ticket prices remain reasonable.”

So, if you are a MotoGP fan be prepared for the changes that may be coming your way.

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