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Meet The Spacruzzi, A $50,000 Floating Hot Tub

So what do you do when you want a boat – but also want a hot tub? If you are Alex Kanwetz, you combine them and create a Spacruzzi.

The Spacruzzi was founded in 2021 and is a hybrid hot tub and electric dayboat. A unique kind of boat building is taking place here – but we love that the manufacturing is done here in the United States.

spacruzzi in a waterway


The teardrop shaped vessel can comfortably fit five people. The beautiful steel tower with awning is handcrafted steel.

The hot tub features a patent pending internal filtration system. The system not only cleans the water but also heats it. The all-natural cleaning process requires the use of no chemicals. The dockside process of cleaning utilizes a chlorinator probe with light salt that brings a higher level of hygiene compliance.

The included ladder on the side makes it easy to enjoy a quick swim and explore the seas. An onboard cooler will keep those drinks and snacks cold for those longer trips.

It is powered by an electric motor and battery allowing to to cruise for about 5 hours without recharging. Rougher waterways and speed may decrease this time so it is a good idea to have an extra battery to swap out if one gets low.


There are a few options for customers to customize their Spacruzzi. Shade towers, underwater lights, trailers and floating drink caddies are all additional options that can deliver a level of luxury customers will love.

Customers can also specify a choice decking, paint, metal, and wood finishes.

American Made

The Spacruzzi is 100% handcrafted in the company’s Nevada and Montana production facilities. They are proud to support local suppliers and providers in the creation of every vessel.

Spacruzzi meets all regulations required by the US Coast Guard. It has been approved to operate in many of the United States most heavily regulated water bodies.

The Spacruzzi is currently available, offering a distinctive aquatic adventure that fuses the relaxation of a spa with the thrill of navigation. The average time to delivery is 120 days and there are limited available orders.

They also offer a rental opportunity. If you have an existing business or want to start a new one, adding a Spacruzzi as a rental option can be lucrative.

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