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Hydogen-Powered Air Travel Is Coming Your Way Thanks To Sirius Aviation AG

By now we have all heard about electric vehicles and the impact they can have on reducing carbon emissions. But a new technology using water vapor as power is making waves and could be part of our future.

Switzerland-based Sirius Aviation AG has recently released their new hydrogen-powered luxury aircrafts at the MOVE Expo in London.

The Sirius CEO-JET and Sirius Adventure Jet were both created in collaboration with BMW Group Designworks. Their goal was to create a private travel experience that will significantly reduce CO2 emissions. 

The aircraft is expected to be cost-efficient with a total fuel tank refill cost of $500.

Sirius Aviation AG also states that the aircrafts will produce 90% less noise than that of a helicopter. It is easy to see the 28 ducted fans that sit on the wings and canard. Each fans is driven by its own motor, which is the magical combination that reduces noise emissions. 

sirius aviation fans
Sirius Aviation AG

Each jet is equipped with a parachute system, which they state reduces incident rates to virtually zero. This feature can make nervous flyers more comfortable.

It also has a unique takeoff and landing experience that allows it to act more like a helicopter. This allows the plane to land in more locations than a typical plane due its vertical capabilities. 

Sirius CEO-JET

The Sirius CEO-JET is the first ever hydrogen-powered private jet that brings advanced technology and sustainability to business aviation. 

Sirius CEO-JET features:

  • Hydrogen-electric powertrain
  • Zero-carbon emissions
  • Speed up to 323 mph
  • <60 db of noise 
  • Range up to 1,150 miles
  • Two to three passenger seating
  • Customizable interior 
schematic sirius jet
Sirius Aviation AG

Sirius Adventure Jet

This hydrogen-powered aircraft is designed for the explorer. It allows for point-to-point green-travel that allows travelers to reach remote jungles and other hidden destinations with ease. 

Sirius Adventure Jet features:

  • Designed for adventurers
  • Hydrogen-electric powertrain
  • Range up to 650 miles
  • Speeds up to 323 mph
  • Five passenger seating
  • Exploration ready design and can explore unchartered territories

“We’re bridging the gap for individuals who aspire to own a business jet with pride in a future that values eco-consciousness,” said Alexey Popov. “Our customers will inspire admiration and respect, fostering a culture of positivity rather than judgment or criticism.”

Sirius Aviation AG is expecting to take their first flights in 2025 and is currently accepting preorders for their aircrafts.

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