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The Revenue Confessional: Small-Business Income Stories

Ever thought about turning your passion into profit? You’re not alone. Recent studies show that nearly 70% of Americans are looking for ways to boost their income through side hustles or entrepreneurial ventures. These real-life small-business stories prove that with a bit of hustle and a sprinkle of creativity, anyone can turn a small idea into revenue.

HVAC Company Nets $1.5 Million Annually

hvac technician The HVAC company owner Sasquatchballs45 on Reddit states this amazing revenue, but due to tax implications plans on downsizing. He feels having less income will put him in a better tax bracket and ultimately allow him more free time – and earnings.

Handyman Nets $50,000 Annually

woodworker at work
Handyman SilverandHarris/Reddit stated a gross earning of $225,000 with a net of $50,000. Another user, III-Compote_9002 also recently started a handman business and is estimating they will net about $110,000 per year with roughly 15-20 hours per week.

T-shirt Quilt Maker Nets $75,000 Annually

cat on tshirt quilt
gina pina/Flickr
A husband and wife team work together to create t-shirt quilts and have netted an estimated $75,000-$100,000 annually for the last 10 years. Reddit user wannabeeretiree also noted they only work about 20 hours per week.

Window Cleaning Nets $10,000 In 6 Months

window cleaner at work
cokacoka / Depositphotos
One Reddit user, Prestigious-Score-57 said they recently launched a window cleaning service. Six months in they have grossed $19,000 and netted $10k.

Welding Company Nets $450,000 After 10 Years Of Hard Work

welder at work Started 12 years ago, UnfairEntrpreneur14 said they worked hard at their welding company for about 8-10 years before it really took off. And take off it did! The business had roughly $450,000 net revenue last year. This is the kind of opportunity that exists even if you have no college degree!

Pet Sitting and Home Sitting Services Grosses $90,000-$140,000K Annually

dog outside
Jill Caren Photography
HotConsideration3034 stated they gross anywhere from $90-$140K annually depending on how much they feel like working. They also sometimes use subcontractors. This is one of the best jobs for introverts!

Junk Removal Business Nets $80,000 Annually

junk cars in a field
Jill Caren Photography
He works with his dad in a junk removal business that makes $205,000. Amasian13 stated he nets $80K but it is not enough and they may need to close up shop.

Amazon Seller Grossed $1.1 Million in 2023

amazon packages ready for shipping
A two-car garage helped options1337 earn $1.1 million in 2023. The seller used a mix of wholesale products and retail arbitrage methods to earn the income. He netted $127,000 from his efforts.

Excavating Company Brings In A Net Of $300,000 Annually

excavator at work
Weary_Repeat told a story of his buddy who owns an excavating company that nets $300K per year. They have 5 employees and gross $2.5 million. All of these opportunities exist for anyone who has the drive and motivation to succeed. With only 25% of adults believing college is important – these income generating options are incredibly appealing!    

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