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The Strangest Food Trucks That Had Their Day – The Last One Is The Worst

Everyone loves a good food truck these days! They’re everywhere, serving up some of the tastiest grub. But some food trucks are just so much more creative than others!  Food trucks can deliver whether you’re craving some Mexican or in the mood for that sweet treat. While most of ’em keep things fun with funky but simple designs, some go all out with straight-up wacky exteriors and creations.  Sadly, many on the list are no longer in service – but we sure wish they were.


maximus minimus food truck
I bet you cannot guess what this food truck sold! If you said pork, you would be correct. This unique metal wonder worked the streets of Seattle and various farmer’s markets. The food truck offered traditional pulled pork sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, chicken, and more. They also had a very appropriate SOMEPIG license plate in case you needed a reminder of what they did. The truck was serving grub for about seven years before announcing its closing in the spring of 2017.

Roving Mammoth

roving mammoth food truck Because, of course, you are thinking about burritos when skiing. This adorable food truck is the perfect setup for hitting the slopes. On the busy ski slopes in California, the Roving Mammoth would be waiting for skiers hankering for a burrito or calzone. The food truck is built onto a Snow Cat and will deliver the food to various locations on the mountain. It does not look like the Roving Mammoth is still producing food anymore.

Del Popolo Wood Fired Pizza Truck

del popolo pizza food truck at event
Del Popolo Pizza
The Del Popolo pizza truck keeps things classy and minimalist but houses an impressive brick oven as the centerpiece kitchen. Owner John Darsky imported the oven from Italy and built the entire truck around it – converting a shipping container to get the oven on the road. Instead of a regular food truck, it’s hauled by a hefty Freightliner rig so the oven can bake fresh, wood-fired pizzas all over San Francisco. This food truck is still making amazing pizzas and is available for your next shindig.


guactruck in manila
This one comes from the Philippines, proving that food trucks are popular everywhere. The dishes feature a Mexican Filipino flavor, making the modern look stand out on busy streets. The concept is a “make your own” dish, so you can see the choices through the window and decide how you want your dish made.  We could not find any information showing it is still running. The site has not been updated in a few years. 

Tin Man Grill

tin man grill
Tin Man Grill
If you are in Cincinnati, Ohio you may have seen the Tin Man Grille. According to their website, the trailer is a 1950 spartan trailer built by Paul Getty, a billionaire who owned the Spartan Aircraft Company, a plane manufacturer. The grub was a variety of farm-to-table inspired tacos.  While their website is still up, it has not been updated, and all their social profiles have been taken down. This makes us sad because tacos are life – and that trailer is gorgeous.

1951 Renault 1400 kg R2163 ‘Le Nain Gourmand’

1951 Renault 1400 kg R2163 ‘Le Nain Gourmand’
This one might be the creepiest one on the list. Can you imagine your kids getting candy from this truck? The vehicle was constructed in 1952 on a Renault chassis to follow the publicity caravan of the Tour de France cycling race, featuring oversized representations of confectioner mascots “Le Nain Gourmand” and “La Naine Gourmande”. It became hugely popular, especially with children who were given sweets from the vehicle. After an incident where “La Naine Gourmande” collided with an archway, the vehicle was modified. Recently fully restored, it continues to appear at regional cycling races, offering a chance to own a unique piece of French commercial vehicle history associated with the iconic Tour de France. It was sold in 2009 via Bonhams for $49,960.

Le Truc

le truc school bus food truck
Le Truc / Facebook
C’mon kids, get in the big black school bus! This transformed bus was a popular option in the San Francisco, California, area. It offered high-end gastropub food created from locally sourced ingredients. They also offered a “meal on wheels” where you and 11 of your friends could dine inside.  Sadly, according to their Facebook page it was listed on Ebay back in 2013, so it is safe to say they are no longer dishing out grub.

Company 77 Mobile Pizza Unit

fire truck pizza
Can this food truck prevent the roof of my mouth from burning every time I eat pizza? This unique pizza food truck is made from a retired food truck. Company 77 spends its days delivering stone-baked pizza around Irvine, California. Not only does it provide pizza, but it also does so by sending them down a slide onto a serving ramp.  Based on their Facebook pageit looks like this food truck is still in use.

Space Shuttle Cafe

space shuttle cafe food truck
Who would have thought to take a DC-3 plane and turn it into a mobile cafe? Well, the Petersen family in California did. They clipped the wings and tail and mounted the body to the chassis of a bus. The inside has a complete kitchen and serves traditional goods like hamburgers, hot dogs, and fries.  We did see it for sale on eBay many years ago, so we assume it is no longer a food truck.

SWAT Food Truck

swat food truck on street
Mcafee Imaging / Swat Food Truck
A SWAT truck is cruising around Northfield, Ohio, but it is not fighting crime; it is fighting hunger. SWAT, short for sandwiches with a twist, offers incredible gourmet burgers, cheese steaks, wraps, and more. 

Kitchen of the Unwanted

kitchen of the unwanted food truck
Not only is it strange-looking, but it is definitely the strangest menu on the list. Out of Amsterdam, we have a food truck that basically serves road kill. Well, not really—but it does serve foods that use deceased horses, geese, and pigeons. This is all in an effort to reduce waste in landfills.  We could not validate if they are still using the food truck, but they are posting on their Facebook page. You can learn more about this unique truck on Fast Company. Our research has done its best to provide accurate information. If you find an error, please let us know so we can fix it! 

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