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Stopwatches on a Clipboard are a Perfect Vintage Timekeeper

Before digital timekeeping, precision chronometers were critical during car races and development sessions for measuring performance enhancements. One device that was used was a timing clipboard from the 1960s. This vintage timekeeper has become a collector’s item due to its historical significance and functionality.

The device houses a trio of stopwatches that can be simultaneously activated or halted by a lever located on its side. Additionally, it features a lap counter to keep track of the total laps completed. Designed with a clear perspex backing and a chrome-finished steel clip, it holds the paper sheets where lap times are hand-recorded for post-event analysis.

This particular model comes with a bonus—a set of laminated guidelines to assist new users in understanding its operation.

The timekeeper’s clipboard is in a fully operational state and was sold at auction in 2023 for £1,088 or approximately $1,400 USD.

Stopwatch Starting MechanismLever for synchronized operation
Recording CapabilitiesChrome steel clip for holding lap sheets
Additional ToolsLaminated instructions for user guidance
Auction DetailsTo be sold at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Heuer, a renowned stopwatch manufacturer with over a century of history, initially produced timepieces for the medical field, enabling doctors to calculate heart rates.

Eventually, they launched the Heuer Dashboard Autavia, a device suitable for both automotive and aviation applications, in 1933. This invention marked a significant milestone for Heuer, which had cemented its place in racing history by the 20th century through its indispensable contributions to precision timing in sports.

The chronometry industry has witnessed Heuer’s evolution into TAG Heuer and has observed the brand cater to various timing needs, especially in competitive sports, showing their prowess at events such as the Indianapolis 500 and Formula 1.

Historical SignificancePresence in Motorsport
Original UsageRace qualification, car development
Heuer’s LegacyStopwatch production for over 100 years
Notable ModelsHeuer Dashboard Autavia, specialized sports chronographs

The timekeeper did successfully sale at auction and is in 100% working condition. It was sold by Bonhams at their Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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