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Artists Are Turning Industrial Eyesores Into Beautiful Landscapes

All over the world there are industrial buildings that are just an eyesore in their communities. From closed up factories to farms that are no longer functioning, there are no lack of buildings just sitting empty. 

But, thankfully our world is filled with artists that are up for the task of turning them into something beautiful. Instead of hiring expensive artists, communities could also embrace local graffiti artists and talent to come together to create unique art as well. 

Each of these creations is unique and eye-catching! 

Saginaw, Michigan

painted silos at saginaw michigan
Michigan Arts and Culture Council

Saginaw, Michigan recently raised $50,000 to pay an artist to beautify their city. The project, Shine Bright Saginaw Mural Project, was spearheaded by Mark Flegenheimer. The community hired Okuda San Miguel, also known as OKUDA, to transform the silos. Although from Spain, his work is beautifying landscapes all over the world. His pop surrealism style brings bright colors with a variety of geometric patterns that draw people in. 

Victoria, BC

cressy water tower art mural
Tim Bowtell

This 60-foot tower was painted by Australian artist Tim Botwell in just three weeks. The Cressy community came together to bring to life a representation of their local history in a beautiful way. The tower features two sides that bring together items that are natural to the area. The Woady Yallock River, steam trains, birds, and a vintage aircraft all bring in what makes the area special. 

Toledo, Ohio

toledo ohio silos painted with art
Great Lakes Seaway Review

This mural in Toledo, Ohio features 28 grain silos painted sunflowers and Native Americans. The intent was to celebrate the first farmers and economic developers in the region. The artist, Gabe Gault, is a Los Angeles resident who submitted the winning design. The whole mural measures roughly 170,000 square feet and is viewed by roughly 30 million travelers on I-75 each year.

Vancouver, Canada

vancouver silo art from osgemeos
OSGEMEOS on Indiegogo

Brazilian graffiti artists OS Gemeos are the masterminds behind the amazing display in Vancouver. Six 70-foot high silos on Granville Island are turned into an artistic rendering called “Giants”. The art took a month to create and an Indiegogo campaign was created to raise some funds for their time. The colors and detail make this mural truly amazing. 

Wirrabara, South Australia

silo art in wirrabara south australia
Annette Green

Nestled in the ranges of South Australia are these beautiful silos painted by an artist that goes by the name “Smug” – also known as Sam Bates. Smug painted a rendering of Dion Lebrun and takes in the ties the area has to the forestry industry. He also added in elements of the local nature views with various foliage and bird accents. 

McKinney, Texas

city of mckinney texas silo mural
City of McKinney

Artist Guido van Helten is obsessed with silos having painted many in cities around the world. The one he created in McKinney, Texas embraces all that makes the city a wonderful place to live. For this mural the artist would spend hours talking to residents and finding those that would be a part of the mural. He would collect pictures and then start the painstaking process of painting them onto the 90-foot silos. 

Greencastle, Indiana

silo art in greencastle indiana
Putnam County Mural Project

This artistic initiative was create to build a sense of community pride. The silos each feature components of the city that represent what makes the town amazing. The town all had a say in the mural efforts with a voting system that helped select the content of the murals. Artist Andrei Krautsou, also known as Key Detail, was the selected winner to pain the murals. 

Monett, Missouri

monet missouri freedom silo mural
Raine Clofelter

Last, but definitely not least, is this amazing all American art work from mural artist Raine Clofelter. The mural called “Freedom Silo” took two years to complete and is a rendition of an eagle and American Flag. This true blue American design sits on a fifty-five foot silo that is eight feet wide. 

Artist Turns Wood Into Beautiful Car Replicas

rolls royce wooden car for child
ND Woodworking Art / YouTube

Interested in a wooden Tesla? Or how about a Rolls Royce? This artist takes wood and transforms it into amazing wooden car replicas with all the bells and whistles. 

Creative Ways To Recycle Old Car Tires

recycled tire garden frog display
Two Women and a Hoe

If you have a stockpile of old tires and are not sure what to do with them, these creative recycled tire ideas may be just what you need. 

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