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11 Vehicle Transformations That Make Amazing Limousines

Limousines are definitely not boring anymore. Move over Chrysler and Lincoln, there are more exciting limousines out there! 

From sleek sedans to extravagant stretch limousines, the world of car transformations has been taking some creative turns over the years. Buckle up as we take a thrilling ride through the most unique and jaw-dropping vehicle to limo conversions that are sure to leave you in awe. 

Armored Truck Limousine

armor horse limo
Armor Horse

The Armor Horse Vault XXL was introduced in 2009. At that time it was thought to be the safest vehicle in the world – and the most luxurious. While regular folks might find it overkill, the rich and famous thought it would be a way to curb the paranoia of staying safe at all costs.

The limousine was able to hold 26 comfortably, but you could squeeze in more if needed. Ballistic panels, bullet-resistant windows, a stripper pole and skylights are just some of the features that make it a one of a kind. 

Peterbilt Limousine

midnight rider peterbilt limo
Midnight Rider

The Midnight Rider is a record-breaking limousine that made its first debut back in 2004. Guinness World Record has labeled it the world’s heaviest limousine for its 50,560 pound weight. At a cost of $2.5 million dollars to make, the value only doubled due to the increase in demand and media it received.

The limousine features solid wood, polished brass, rich velvet and jewel-colored fabrics that were super soft to the touch. Three lounge areas, a bar, a few bathrooms and even a command center make this a ride that keeps the party going.

727 Jet Limousine

boeing 727 jet limousine
VACA Limousines / Facebook

This Boeing 727-24C was transformed to become a street legal limousine by slapping it onto a Mercedes-Benz bus. It is that base that makes the limo street legal! It was designed by VACA limousines in Mexico and came to the U.S. not too long after it was completed.

The limo has a capacity of up to 40 people and has some of the original plane features like the cockpit and folding stairs. It is said to represent a night club atmosphere with a variety of amenities like a fireplace, strobe lights, fog machine, sunken living room and more.

Harley Davidson LimoBike

harley davidson limobike

Combining the coolness of motorcycle with the luxury of a limo is what makes this mini-limousine super awesome. The bike has been around since 2010 but there is not much known about its history. The limo seats eight and offers luxuries like a mini-bar, flat-screen TV and electric tinted windows.

Monster Truck Limousine

monster truck limousine

Created by S.D.N industries, this limo makes a statement no matter where it goes. It is called the Sin City Hustler and features a 700 horsepower V8 Ford engine making it a powerhouse. Unlike other limos it has a more traditional bus like seating arrangement and sits thirteen people comfortably.

Corvette Limousine

corvette limousine
Detroit Steel

It is only natural that one of the world’s most popular cars was turned into a limousine. This Corvette limo is based off the 1994 model and checks all the boxes with performance you would expect while adding features to have the ultimate retro party.

From the etched Corvette glasses to the power-operated privacy shade – all the details are there for a night of fun and debauchery.

Viper Limo

viper limousine

Like the Dodge Viper wasn’t cool enough. Someone took it to a whole new level of cool by creating a limousine out of it. To top it off (or not top it off) – they removed the top to make it a fun night out where you can enjoy the fresh air. It debuted in 2012 at the NASCAR race and carries up to 12 passengers.

DeLorean Limousine

delorean limo

One of the most popular cars of all time, the DeLorean elicits fond memories of the 1980’s. One fan of this historic car wanted to create something truly unique and memorable from the infamous brand. From that idea we present you with the DeLorean limousine.

It is not a traditional limousine that you would find for weddings or events, but one that is more true to the origin of the car. The six gullwing doors and parts from several different cars all contributed to the success of this creation.

VW Bug Limousine

vs bus limo on beach

A classic beach vehicle with a twist. Imagine the surfboards you can fit in this VW bus limousine! It seats 12 people with comfort and has all the traditional features you would expect from a VW. The 33 windows that surround the bus make it feel like you are riding topless in the ocean breeze. It is the ultimate beachside party bus.

Ford Mustang Limousine

ford mustang limousine

A classic muscle car given a whole new look and feel. The Mustang is a cult classic that people love and adore so making it into a limousine seemed like a smart thing to do. This 1966 Ford Mustang features the original 289ci V8 with a three speed automatic. 

Porsche Panamera Limo

porsche panamera limousine
Limo Eventos

A stunning limousine that comes with all the luxuries you would expect in a Porsche. This one from Limo Eventos features Wi-Fi, a Nespresso coffee machine, laster projector and more. 

BMW Limousine

bmw limousine
Bimmer Forums

Bimmer fans are known for loyalty, and there is a special place in their hearts for the retro styling of this model. This BMW limousine was shared in a fan group and was shown to be pretty popular based on the comments. 

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