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Over 8,000 Vespa Enthusiasts Are Taking Over Pontedera This Weekend

This weekend, the largest gathering of Vespa owners will take place in Pontedera, the birthplace of the Vespa.

The four-day event will bring over 8,000 Vespa fans and represent over 660 Vespa clubs. These participants will come from 54 countries.

The event celebrates the Vespa and the culture, food, and wine that make Italy what it is. The organizers hope each person will live a true “Tuscan Experience.” This will include exploring the Lands of Pisa, where Vespa enthusiasts can learn the traditions and landscapes of Tuscany. 

This event is extra special because it is the 140th anniversary of the Piaggio Company and the 100th anniversary of the plant’s location in Pontedera.

It is no wonder record attendance and celebrations are expected.

“We are set to host an international event that will attract thousands of visitorspromising an extraordinary effect on the whole area,” remarked Matteo Franconi, Mayor of Pontedera“This is an important recognition for the town of Pontedera, the entire area and the community. It is a recognition that pays tribute to a brand that has written the history of Pontedera, to a business present with its factory for one hundred years, to all the men and women who have worked at Piaggio, contributing to the creation and development of a true myth, and at the same time it is the crowning achievement of a journey that the Vespa Club Pontedera has made over the years, with the many initiatives promoted over time that have brought us here.”

Below is a video from their Facebook page showing a few moments of day one of the event.

The Vespa gatherings began in 1954 and have grown strong ever since. It is scheduled to take place in Australia in 2025.

There is a long list of events that take place each day, from cultural excursions to rides around the countryside! The big event is the parade on Saturday, April 20th. 

This spectacular sight will have Vespa riders traveling through some of the most beautiful locations possible.

A special exhibition at the Piaggio Museum called “Vespa all over the world” will celebrate the company’s 140-year history. The Piaggio factory will be open on Saturday and Sunday, and special public tours will be available.

There will also be test rides, delivery of the coveted Vespa Trophy, and more.

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