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The Volvo Concept Car That Was Made Just For Women

Volvo wanted to show that they understood the unique needs of female drivers, so they created a concept car. The Volvo YCC (Your Concept Car) project started in the fall of 2001 and was designed by a team of all women. The goal was to create a car that would improve ergonomics to be more aligned to a female body.

The car would take years to complete and in 2004 it was shown at the Geneva Motor Show.

On the exterior, the car seemed to be ahead of its time on design. The four-seat coupe would prove to be quite unique in many ways.


Gull-wing doors would allow entry into the car for the passengers. The rear also had a hatchback which allowed access to the trunk area. All doors featured a keyless entry allowing hands free opening of the car.


Seat pads and interior door panels had magnetic backs for easy removal. This allowed for easy cleaning, but these panels could be changed out with different colored or textured panels. Choose a lighter fabric for summer or a heavier one for winter.

Storage would remain a top priority. The back seats would fold down leaving a large cargo area. The handbrake and gear lever would be moved to allow more storage in the center console. The console would feature space for wastepaper basket, handbag, cool box, notebook computer and offer smaller spaces for keys, phones and more.

The interior body scanning system self-adjusts the seats, mirrors, steering wheels and pedals.

volvo ycc interior

No Engine Hood

The car had no hood to access the engine. To do any maintenance someone would need to remove the whole front end car body. Since Volvo was confident this would not happen often it seemed to be a decision they were confident with.

The engine was designed to not require an oil change for an estimated 31,000 miles. The car would also be programmed to find any problems within the engine and send a message to a garage. Then the garage would contact the driver and let them know.

Windshield Washer Fluid

In most cars you fill the windshield washer fluid in the engine area. In the YCC if would be found next to the gas tank. A capless ball valve would be used for both the gas and washer fluid tanks instead of traditional caps, which women found a nuisance.


In an effort to reduce the need to change tires on the side of the road, fun-flat tired were used. These tires were often used on high end vehicles like armored cars. This would allow women to drive to a garage, event after a tire has been punctured.


The engine was designed to meet compliance for the most stringent emission standards. A low-emission 215 bhp, 5-cylinder PHEZ engine with an Integrated Starter-Generator (ISG) does just that. ISG removes unnecessary idling and provides additional torque at low revs. A six-speed Powershift gearbox offers a fully automat mode or you can use the gear shift on the steering column.

Unfortunately, Volvo never took the Volvo YCC to production. Our only questions is why not?

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