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Wooden Tesla or Rolls Royce? No Problem For This Woodworking Genius

With over 2.85 million subscribers on YouTube alone, the ND Woodworking Art channel is clearly popular, and for good reason. The owner makes the most amazing woodworking projects and, in some weird way, makes them almost seem easy. 

But they are not. 

Little is known about the owner, who is often referred to as ‘ND’ or ‘MrKen ‘. His privacy is a testament to his focus on his work, and we are privileged to be able to witness and appreciate his talents. 

The channel features intricate and creative pieces inspired by things around him. His hands tackle creative options for cars, motorcycles, pop culture, and more. From a full-size Tesla Cybertruck to a miniature version of a Rolls Royce, there is almost nothing he cannot create. 

The owner’s exceptional woodworking skills and attention to detail make for an engaging channel that people flock to. His ability to take a large block of wood and turn it into his vision is amazing.

His most popular video by far showcased a Rolls Royce that he build for his sone in 68 days. The video is just over 16 minutes and shows the highlights of what it took to create the wooden auto.

From the cutting of the wood to the painting of the rims, the whole process shows the level of detail and care this dad takes. The lights, pseudo rolls royce logo on the wheels and odometer all add another level of detail that will delight kids everywhere.

The car even has a trunk that kids can put things in!

But this magician can create so much more! Some of his other videos include:

  • Lamborghini Sian Roadster
  • BMW 328 Hommage
  • Mercedes Vision AVTR
  • STRV 103 Tank
  • Train
  • Cybertruck

There is so much more to explore on the ND Woodworking Art channel. Whether you need inspiration or just want to be amazed, it is worth checking out.

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