About Grease Culture

Grease Culture is a place for lovers of all things two and four wheeled. While we have a special place in our hearts for the vintage wonders of days gone by – we will cover all the news that covers things that move. If it has grease, we cover it.

As a married couple with over 30 years together, we spend a lot of time visiting various shows and museums that take us back to a whole different time. (Remember life before Facebook?).

Our mission is to keep the stories alive about people, places and things that make todays machine marvels what they are.

Meet the Founder

Jill Leonard is the founder of Grease Culture, and was inspired to create this magazine to share all the amazing historic achievements, places, people and things that make our world what it is today.

With a passion for all things historic, she hopes is to get others excited about the motorcycles, cars and other mechanical wonders that had such an influence on todays world.