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All the four wheeled wonders that the world has seen – or not seen will be talked about here. From prototypes to production, we will share the stories, successes and failures across decades of innovation!

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12 Innovative Flying Cars From Past To Present

Flying cars, once the stuff of “The Jetsons” cartoons, have been in the works for years. As a kid of the 1970s I truly believed flying cars would be a thing by the time I was an adult. While they are not here yet for consumers, there have been many innovators working to create the first … Read more
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10 Two-Engine Cars that Double the Power and Double the Thrill

Imagine the roar of not one but two powerful engines working in harmony. It’s a thrill that only a select group of car enthusiasts have experienced since most were either prototypes or used in racing. With their dual-engine setups, these incredible machines are the ultimate fusion of power and performance. Mosler TwinStar Eldorado The Mosler … Read more