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Find Out Which States Eat The Most Greasy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Each Year

Few foods are as comforting and nostalgic as the classic grilled cheese sandwich. Its crispy, buttered bread encasing warm, gooey melted cheese is a simple yet sublime combination that has been delighting people for generations.

The origin of grilled cheese can be traced back to ancient Roman times when cooks would add a crispy bread exterior to baked cheese dishes. However, it wasn’t until the 1920s that the grilled cheese as we know it today became a widespread favorite, especially among kids. 

With processed American cheese becoming affordable and available, along with inexpensive sliced bread, the grilled cheese took off as an easy, budget-friendly meal that kids adored.

For many adults today, memories of grilled cheese sandwiches are inextricably linked to childhood. There was something magical about that first delectable bite – the crunch of the lightly toasted bread giving way to the velvety, molten center.

Grilled cheeses were a lunchbox staple, a quick after-school snack, and a warm, melty reward on a rainy day spent indoors.

A new survey of 5,000 Americans commissioned by Pepperidge Farm reveals how deep our national love for grilled cheese runs.

The average American eats a staggering 36 grilled cheese sandwiches per year – enough to make a cheesy blanket covering 29,180 football fields!

Statistics from the survey include:

  • 53% cited grilled cheese as the perfect weekday meal
  • 24% of Mississippi residents enjoy grilled cheese as a breakfast option
  • 62% stated that home is the best place to enjoy grilled cheese
  • 70% agree butter is the preferred condiment
  • 58% agreed that American cheese is the best cheese option, with cheddar not far behind
  • 52% agreed that diagonal is the better way to cut grilled cheese 
  • Ham (38%) and bacon (35%) were the most popular additions to a grilled cheese sandwich

Think your state consumes the most grilled cheese sandwiches?

Watch the video below to see how your state ranks. Each state shows the average number of sandwiches eaten by each resident.

While preferences may vary, the survey found that the most popular grilled cheese is made with two slices of American cheese on white bread, medium toasted, and cut diagonally.

There’s just something extra delightful about those triangular halves.

For many states like Alabama, Arkansas and Wyoming, purists reign – the grilled cheese is best unadorned, letting the cheese be the star. But for others like Rhode Island, fresh tomatoes are a must. Ham, bacon, and even the controversial pineapple appear in some regional favorites.

While the cheese is the most critical factor, there was much talk about bread. The ability for the bread to toast well and retain a crispy outside took top spots for importance. Thick sliced bread was less critical to over 74% of respondents.

No matter your grilled cheese ideals, one thing is sure – this humble sandwich sparks smiles and transports us back to a simpler, more carefree time. So go ahead and indulge in that gooey, buttery, nostalgic bliss. After all, comfort food is good for the soul.

The Pepperidge Farm Grilled Cheese Survey

This random double-opt-in survey of 5,000 Americans, 100 from each state, was commissioned by Pepperidge Farm and conducted by market research company OnePoll. Data was collected between Mar. 8 and Mar. 25, 2024. Pepperidge Farm has declared April National Grilled Cheese Month and hopes Americans will find their Farmhouse Hearty White bread the perfect option! 

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