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Could Color Changing Cars Be A Thing? A BMW Concept Car Proves It Can

There is never a lack of ingenuity in the automotive world. BMW has come up with a concept car that we would love see hit the production line. The iX Flow and i Vision Dee (short for Digital Emotional Experience) are two previous creative concepts and a third was released this year.

Using E Ink technology, at the push of a button you can change your car color to match your shirt color. We are not sure what the future holds for these concept cars, but we would enjoy seeing some of these on the road!

The Science Behind The Color Change

The color-shifting ability of these BMW models isn’t achieved through traditional paint. Instead, it’s a high-tech combination of a thin, precision-fitted wrap and an advanced E-ink display system.

The wrap is laser-cut to perfectly match the contours of the vehicle’s body panels and contains millions of microscopic capsules, each filled with negatively charged white pigment and positively charged black pigment.

By applying an electrical charge, the pigments swap positions, allowing the car’s exterior to transition between shades.

i5 flow nostokana concept car
i5 Flow Nostokana / BMW Group

The Color Changing Models

BMW released two concepts with color changing technology.

  • ix Flow – The ix Flow was first showcased in 2022 at the Consumer Electronic Show and introduced as the “first color-changing car in the world”. This car could only change between black and white.
  • i Vision Dee – For the 2023 CES show they introduced the i Vision Dee. This model offers 32 different color options. It also includes 240 individual controlled segments. This would allow consumers to create an endless number of patterns, designs and colors.
  • i5 Flow Nostokana – Debuted at the 2024 Frieze exhibition, this ground breaking car does not just change color, it creates art. Based on the artwork of South African artist Esther Mahlangu, the car is a tribute to a BMW Art Car designed by the artist in 1991. Mahlangua also consulted on the design of the car.

Color Changing Benefits

While it can be seen as more of a novelty item, there are actually a few benefits to having color changing cars.

  • Loss of Car – How many times have you parked in a crowded lot and could not find your car in a see of sameness. The color changing feature can essentially act as a flasher allowing you to easily find your pride and joy.
  • Energy Savings – Using lighter colors in summer to reflect heat, darker tones in winter to absorb warmth, can reduce the requirements of the control.
  • Personalization – Make your car your own and showcase what makes you uniquely you.

Whether these color-morphing concepts ever make it to production remains to be seen. But BMW’s continued exploration of this shape-shifting technology is a tantalizing glimpse into the future of automotive personalization and efficiency.

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