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13 Surprising Ways You Can Recycle Old Car Tires

Are your old car tires taking up space in the garage and making you feel a bit… deflated? Fear not, we’ve got a bunch of creative ways to breathe new life into those round rubber relics. There are other ways to use old tires that are also more mainstream. Many roads are made from a mix of asphalt and tires which offers many benefits. At one time they were also popular options on playgrounds, but critics voiced concerns about the safety of the practice. No matter how you decide to use your tires, be sure to clean them thoroughly!

Matchbox Car Display

used tire to display matchbox cars
Spaceships and Laser Beams
Kids will love this creative display of their favorite Matchbox cars. This used tire display from Spaceships and Laser Beams is an easy-to-make recycled display that can hold about 20 cars. Paint the tire any color and let the kids choose the cars to display.

Tire Swings

tire swings with polka dots
This is a classic idea with a new twist. Tire swings can be done both vertically and horizontally, making them versatile. Paint them with polka-dots like shown here, or be creative with flowers, stripes, and more to elevate the look of your yard.

Tire Totter

tire totter finished
My Fix It Up Life
Like something out of the Cars movie, this tire totter (a fun play on teeter-totter) will be a fun activity for the whole family. The tutorial from My Fix It Up Life is just a few steps, and you may have most of the required parts around your house. Let the kids help you paint it so they can be a part of the build!

Garden Planter

pink and blue tire flower planter
Felder Rushing
There is no shortage of ways to use car tires as garden planters. The Felder Rushing blog features a collection of ideas, from an Angry Bird design to something more elegant. The blog shows how to create the planter, as seen here, with a blue base and folded accents painted in pink, and offers so many other great ideas.

Dog Bed

diy tire dog bed
Practically Functional
One thing about dogs is that they love to feel “cozy.” Forget expensive dog beds; a DIY tire dog bed can give them that feeling. The recycled tired dog bed from Practically Functional features a few simple steps to create a bed your dog will dream of.

Garden Decorations

recycled tire garden frog display
Two Women and a Hoe
You may not think you can make a great garden decoration from tires, but here we prove you can. This adorable tire frog from Two Women and a Hoe will bring all the smiles as people enter your yard. The big red lips and eyelashes make it a cute addition to any yard.

Outdoor Furniture Set

recycled tires as a backyard furniture set
This outdoor set features tables and chairs made from tires. This beautifully designed – and colorful set is made of various tires, making it great for all weather – and comfortable for visitors.


tire rope ottoman
In this instructional post from, we have a stunning ottoman that can be used indoors or outdoors. The main components are a tire, an MDF board to create the top base, and some sisal rope to wrap it all.

Tire Sinks

tires as sinks
Okay, guys, this is the perfect man cave addition. It would also be great in a barber shop! Tires as sinks with gasoline-style nozzles for the water faucets are just perfection. We could not locate a source for these, but we found them on Pinterest and fell in love. It does seem that a few restaurants, like Red Truck Beer in Vancouver, use tires as sinks, and it makes us want to go.

Tire Chair

recyled tire chairs
These are stunning! Bright orange tires with soft, comfy padding for the seat and backing are a creative element for any outdoor space. Found on Pinterest, the backrests are adhered to a wooden board to keep them from moving around. The addition of rustic-style pillows pulls it all together.

Tire Beds

colorful tire beds
An adorable cluster of tire beds in varying sizes and colors makes for a perfect girls’ day! Each tire is painted a different color. The center is removed with a saw and smoothed out to prevent cuts. The inner sections are filled with cushions and fabrics to create a comfortable space for relaxing with friends.

Play Area

tire construction area for kids
Used tires can make for a great play area for kids. Use stone, like shown here, to make an amazing construction play area filled with different trucks and digging tools. Use liners to create water play areas, or instead of water, use sand in the middle to create a sandbox. Paint the tires first in primary colors to give them a more fun look.

Table and Chairs

tire chairs and table set
Marana Lda
Tire chairs with a table make for a perfect outdoor get-together. Each chair features two tires of varying sizes, a sitting area on top, and a stunning cushion. The table sits atop a base and features a glass top. The color combinations for this idea from Marana Lda on Pinterest are endless. 

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gold king mine truck with building
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