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Vintage Trucks Turned Into Awesome Upcycled Furniture

That old truck sitting in your field or backyard could be transformed into a stylish, one-of-a-kind furniture piece. With some elbow grease and a dash of creativity, the weathered metal, wood, and glass from classic trucks can be repurposed into sturdy, rustic furniture that makes a bold statement.

From headlight lamps to tailgate benches, vintage truck parts lend themselves remarkably well to upcycling projects. Check out some of the amazing Americana pieces that others have created.

Chevrolet Truck Bed

chevrolet truck into a bed

That headboard, though! The amount of work involved in creating this is huge. This bed would be challenging, from the cutting to the sandblasting to make it safe. But we love the results. 

Ford F-100 Desk

ford f100 truck as a desk
Jesse Barratt / Blue Sky Performance and Restoration

Instead of letting his F-100 truck rot, a customer asked Blue Sky Performance and Restoration if they had any ideas. And they did. Instead of restoring it, owner Jesse Barratt decided to create a desk. Some cutting, sandblasting, and a paint job, and you have one stunning desk. 

Chevy Truck Bed Shelf

upcycled bookcase
Custom WoodworX / Pinterest

Book lovers rejoice. This amazing creation flips a truck bed on its side and adds shelving to create a bookcase or shelf unit. This version features a removable top shelf that allows you to put in a flat-screen TV.

Vintage Truck Picnic Table

vintage yellow truck turned into a picnic table

This gorgeous piece was recently for sale on Craigslist. The bright yellow truck with white wall wheels makes quite a statement. Inside, the cab features LED lights, and the table is about 4 feet long.

Vintage Tailgate Bench

tailgate of truck bench

Find a tailgate from your favorite truck and create an accent bench. It will give you all the feels of sitting in a real truck bed.

Tractor Trailer Bar

bar from back of a tractor trailer

Have lots of friends? No problem! This tractor-trailer bed offers plenty of room to entertain all of your friends. The working lights and toolbox-looking refrigerators pull it all together. 

1956 Chevrolet Indoor Truck Bar

chevrolet truck made into a bar
Custom WoodworX / Pinterest

This creation by Perry Hudson of Custom WoodworX is a 1956 Chevy truck transformed into a bar. Hudson said it took over 250 hours to create. It was designed for office space and features a liquid epoxy top that covers a collection of bottle caps, fishing lures, and even a rattlesnake rattle.

Ferguson TO20 Tractor Table and Chairs

ferguson to20 tractor turned into a table
Custom WoodworX / Pinterest

A vintage Ferguson TO20 tractor makes for a perfect table for two. The top features solid pine, and it even has working headlights. The wheels work, making it easy to move.

Ferguson Tractor Bar

bar made from a ferguson tractor
Custom WoodworX / Pinterest

Another way to recycle a tractor is to create a bar. This stunning piece has enough room for four. The epoxy-treated wood and working lights add a touch of uniqueness.

Outdoor Truck Bar

outdoor truck bar with canopy

Are you looking for a new creative way to entertain your buddies when the weather is nice? This bar set would be it. Take the back end of your favorite truck and top it with wood slabs. The canopy will keep the bartender safe from the sun and add an extra element of fun. 

Booth Seating

booth seating from a vintage truck

These booths are from a restaurant in Idaho but could be just as good at home. They are truck beds with a wooden floor to house the table. Benches for seating are added to the sides.  

Vintage Truck Living Area

chevrolet living room furniture

Take a whole truck and turn it into a living room! From the truck bed turned into a couch to the tailgate turned into a table, there is a ton of inspiration in this room.

Creative Ways To Recycle Car Tires

colorful tire beds

Indoors or outdoors, there are plenty of ways to recycle car tires. From furniture to garden areas, explore ideas that will inspire you to be creative!

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The Ultimate Jeep Love Bar

back end of jeep cj5 bar in kitchen
D and C Extreme Industries / Facebook

Would you put a Jeep in your house and make a bar out of it? This guy did and the results are pretty amazing.

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